Do Pheasants Lay Eggs?

. . .Pheasants are different from chickens and other birds. They have a distinct breeding season when they lay a few dozen eggs every spring or summer.

Pheasants do lay eggs and, during the breeding season, you can usually count on an egg a day from each female bird. Pheasants lay usually from 40-60 eggs during their breeding season in the spring and summer.

When people want something a bit different, they think about raising pheasants. These are beautiful birds that will look great on your property, but it’s important to remember that these are game birds.

Pheasants vs Chickens

A lot of people ask us, “Can you eat pheasant eggs?” The eggs are edible, and many people eat them. They’re about half as big as chicken eggs, and have dark yellow yolks.

What You Can Do with the Pheasant Eggs

When you’re raising pheasants, you can count on them to start laying eggs when they reach around 10 months old.

How Old Are Pheasants When They Start Laying Eggs?

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