Do Pheasants Crow

7 Other Fun Pheasant Facts


Thousands of families across the country try their hand at raising chickens every year.

Raising pheasants, on the other hand, is much more niche. These beautiful game birds share some similarities with chickens but are very different in other ways.

A good way to describe a pheasant crow is that it sounds like a chicken rooster’s crow cut short.

The Pheasant Crow

One interesting fact about pheasants is how different their lifespans are in the wild versus captivity. Wild pheasants only live anywhere from 1-3 years, on average.

They Can Live Up to 18 Years in Captivity

One thing new owners are surprised to discover is just how fast their pheasants are. We’ve seen videos online of people chasing and grabbing chickens.

Pheasants Are Fast!

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