Do Guinea Fowl Lay Eggs?

Guinea fowl, also called guineas, are game birds that are becoming popular among backyard poultry owners. They are indigenous to Africa and one of the oldest gallinaceous birds. Guineas are largely disease-free, hardy, and vigorous birds.

Do guinea fowl lay eggs?

Guinea hens lay eggs but not during the winter months. Laying for the year commences in the spring and continues through the summer and fall. Guinea fowls usually stop laying eggs when the days start getting shorter.

How Many Eggs Do Guinea Hens Lay?

When guinea fowl mate in the wild, they do so in pairs. Domesticated guineas may also adopt this breeding style if there is an equal number of males to females.

How Big Are Guinea Fowl Eggs Compared to Chicken and Duck Eggs?

Guinea fowl eggs are smaller than the eggs of a chicken or a duck.

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