Do Chickens Sweat

Chickens are exciting animals to raise and enjoy, but most of us do not know everything about them. For instance, do you know if chickens can sweat or not?

Birds, including chickens, do not have sweat glands. To be able to perspire, an animal must have sweat glands. Chickens and other birds must rely on other systematic processes to release heat from their bodies.

Chickens are able to stay cool during warm weather thanks to their unique ability to regulate their own body temperatures. This means that the chicken must use their own natural instincts to avoid overheating.

Make sure your coop or chicken enclosure has enough shade and plenty of space for all your chickens. Also, make sure that there is sufficient air flow in your coop by opening windows or air vents if needed.

Chickens might not be able to sweat, but that does not seem to phase them. Instead, chickens have developed their own ways to release heat and keep themselves as cool as possible in hot weather.