Do Baby Chickens Need Light at Night?

When raising day-old chicks, many people understand that chicks require constant heat for the first several weeks of life, but what about light? It is important to know whether chicks need light or not since they are very fragile during the first weeks of their lives.

So do baby chickens need light at night? Baby chicks kept with their mother do not need light at night, and get warmth from their mother.

Will a Light at Night Disturb Sleeping Chicks?

Leaving on a light at night for baby chickens does not disturb them. On the contrary, when they are able to easily see where their clutch-mates are and where they are in relation to the brooder, they are more comfortable in their surroundings. This is especially true when red bulbs are used vs. white ones.

Red Light vs. White Light

When deciding to choose a light source for baby chickens, most people tend to choose between white light lamps and red light infrared lamps. Red lamps are usually recommended for baby chickens over white light, as 24 hours of bright white light can be stressful for chicks and can lead to pecking behaviors and other negative issues, while red lamps are calming and deter chicks from pecking each other.

Baby Chickens Need Heat for 4-6 Weeks

One of the reasons baby chickens need light at night is because the light on most brooder pens also acts as its heat source. Up until the age of at least four weeks, baby chicks need a constant source of supplemental heat if they are not being kept with their mothers.

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