Crested Duck Breed

The crested duck breed has a striking headpiece – a crest of feathers that looks like an afro or a messy bun. Read on to learn more about the crested duck breed’s history, characteristics, and temperament.

The distinctive feature of the crested duck is the afro–like crest on its head. Adult crested ducks can have blue, gray, white, black, or buff feathers.

Physical Appearance of the Crested Duck Breed

Crested ducks have a lovely temperament and are quiet, which makes them easy to care for and perfect to have around kids. However, with interaction, crested ducks become easygoing and friendly.

Crested Ducks’ Temperament

Ducklings need a high-calorie diet full of protein as they grow quickly. You should provide them with a starter feed containing 20% protein in the first three weeks.

Crested Duck Nutrition Needs

Crested ducks are a fantastic domestic duck breed for your farm or backyard. These medium-sized ducks are friendly and easy-going, which makes them great pets.

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