Congo Peafowl Breed Profile

Peacocks are famous for their unique plumage, colored heads, and vocalization, but did you know there are different sizes and color combinations in peacocks?

The Congo Peafowl is one of the rare breeds of peacock that dates back to 1936.

The Congo Peafowl belongs to the Phasianidae family, which means that it shares lots of characteristics with turkeys, partridges, pheasants, and grouse.

Physical Characteristics of the Congo Peafowl

A Congo peacock draws in a female by strutting, bowing, and offering food.


The breed is monogamous, and the male becomes sexually mature and ready to mate at the age of three.

The female lays 2-5 dark brown eggs in a hole created in the ground. A unique characteristic about this bird is that in captivity, it prefers to lay its eggs in nest boxes or on high platforms that are 4 yards above the ground.

Raising Chicks

Adaptation of the Congo Peafowl

The male peafowl has bright plumage and fanned-out feathers to attract mates. However, the females have green and brown feathers that enable them to camouflage with the rainforest floor.

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