15 Chicken Predators in Florida You Should Be Aware Of

Keeping your chickens safe from predators in Florida takes a lot of work. So Here’s a list of some chicken predators you should be aware of as well as some tips on keeping your chickens safe.


Florida is famous for its alligator population. They are certainly a big draw. Alligators aren’t worried about being around people, and if they see a chicken, it’s a delicious meal for them.


What surprises most people about raccoons is just how smart they are. They are extremely cunning and are capable of taking down a chicken.


Hawks are all over Florida and love to kill and eat chickens. Usually, hawks hunt smaller birds and rodents, but chickens are larger and are easier to kill.


Dogs aren’t what you would typically think of as a chicken predator, but dogs kill chickens all the time. If a neighbor dog gets loose and your chickens are outside of the coop, you can probably expect to lose a chicken or two.