Causes of Chickens

Laying Soft Eggs

If you’ve encountered a soft-shelled egg or even an egg without a shell, you’re fully aware of just how odd it looks and feels. Although a wiggly egg seems abnormal, it’s actually not all that out of the ordinary.

Here are the most common reasons chickens lay soft eggs:

/ Not enough calcium in their diet / Unbalanced diet / Unhealthy level of stress / Illness / Bullying / Age of laying hens / Lack of sunlight / Mood

Not Enough Calcium in Your Chicken’s Diet

Eggshells are made of mostly calcium. So, a diet lacking in calcium can be the most common culprit of extremely thin eggs shells or soft-shelled eggs.

Your Chicken Has an Unbalanced Diet

Diet is clearly important to the output of eggs in chickens. Overall, the more food a chicken eats, the higher the volume of eggs they’ll produce.

Your Chicken Has an Unhealthy Level of Stress

You read that right; chickens do get stressed. In fact, chickens are actually very susceptible to stress. There are a few different things that can cause stress to hens