Can You Ride An 

Depending on their abilities, some animals are better fit for some tasks than others. How about emus? Can you ride an emu?  Is it legal to ride one?

NO, you should not ride an emu. Although they are large birds, emus are not big enough nor strong enough to support a fully grown human’s weight.

Riding an emu is considered an act of animal cruelty. Riding an emu is punishable by law, either with heavy fines or even by serving a jail sentence. 

A child should not ride an emu. No responsible parent or guardian should let their child ride an emu either. Emus are very unpredictable.

Emus are unpredictable, and if irritated, they can easily use their beaks as a weapon to get you off their back, and it will get bloody. Better to keep off.

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