Can You Raise Ducks and Turkeys Together?

Can you raise ducks and turkeys together? 

 Yes, you can.

These species can get along with each other within the same space, given that the right conditions are met.

Tips for Raising Ducks and Turkeys Together

Ensure the Feed You Provide Is Suitable For Turkeys and Ducks – When getting feed for your birds, ensure you do not get a medicated brand.

Ensure Sufficient Food and Water Is Always Available  – If the food and water supply to the birds are limited, there might be trouble.

Ensure There Is Enough Space in the Coop  – If the space in the coop is not sufficient for the birds to live freely, the chances of scuffles happening are higher.

Monitor the Birds Regularly Lastly, monitor the birds regularly and study their norms. Once you are aware of their routine, it will be easier for you to notice when something is off.