Can You Move A Chicken Sitting on Eggs?


"You can move a chicken that is sitting on eggs, but it can be a touchy and challenging process. When a hen is broody, she wants to stay sitting on her clutch of eggs until they hatch."

Broody Hen Behavior

If you are planning on moving your broody hen anytime soon, keep in mind that your hen will be determined to stay where she currently is.

How Do I Move a Broody Hen without Disrupting her Brooding?

#1 Prepare

Before you move your broody hen, you’ll need to get yourself prepared. It’s a good idea to prepare for your broody hen move during the day. After you’ve made your preparations, you can move your broody hen to her new nest late at night.

#2 Get Your Gear

Remember, you’ll need some leather gloves, long sleeves, and a towel. It’s a good idea to cover your broody hen with a towel before you move her.

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