Your Questions Answered

With the changing laws allowing for chickens to be in more urban settings too, they are starting to become a part of many homes and many lives, but what about for those with a busy lifestyle?

Yes, you can leave chickens alone, so as long as they have adequate food and water and are properly protected, then they can manage alone for a few days.  

By taking a little extra time in both the planning of their habitat and before your vacation, you can ensure that your chickens will be safe if you have to leave for up to a week.

Ensure Their Enclosure is Predator Proof. Both flying and four-legged predators can be an issue with chickens, so research your area and see what you need to defend against. 

Using a chicken sitter will also ensure that your chickens have not run out of food or water, broken out of their protected area, or gotten sick during your absence.