Can Peacocks Eat Watermelon?

Peacocks are able to eat watermelon. Although peacocks can eat watermelon, it is important to feed it to them in moderation. This ensures they obtain the health benefits without having too much.

Watermelon is healthy and nutritious for both humans and animals, with benefits ranging from antioxidants to essential nutrients.

Vitamin A contributes to healthy vision, increased immune support, and healthy reproduction.

Vitamin C aids in the necessary growth and development of body tissues.

Potassium plays a large part in maintaining healthy levels of fluid inside cells.

Fiber is commonly known for providing healthy bowel movements.





Watermelon has a water content of around 92%. This makes it a very hydrating fruit that aids your peacock’s health and hydration levels. Furthermore, hydration may lead to increased energy, easier digestion, and more!

When feeding these treats to your peacock, it is important to do so in moderation. It is also important to wash all fruits and vegetables before serving and preparing them to decrease the chances of illness from bacteria or insects.