Can Peacocks Eat  Rice ?

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Peacocks can eat rice just like they consume other grains. Rice has a few benefits for peacocks, and you can give rice to your peacocks as a healthy treat. 

As a grain rich in carbohydrates, rice can help fatten or increase the weight of peacocks that you feel are too thin.

Benefits of Eating Rice

Peacocks need around 25%-30% (or more). This means that you must consider the percentage of proteins in what you’re feeding your peacocks.

Consider the Protein Needs of Peacocks

Even though you can feed your peacocks leftover rice, make sure that it is not moldy because the presence of mold is a sign that the rice is spoiled or getting worse. You should dispose of moldy rice and not give it to your peacocks.

Do Not Feed Rotting or Moldy Rice to Your Peacocks

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Occasional Treat Ideas for Peacocks

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