Can Peacocks Eat Cabbages?

Peafowls can eat cabbages, and thankfully, cabbages are very healthy for them. But beyond being highly nutritious, cabbages are crunchy with a subtle taste

Cabbages have a 92% water content. So, beyond being a fun, healthy snack, they are a great way to keep your birds hydrated.

Ensure you do not add seasonings when making cooked cabbage for your peafowls. The addition of flavorings may upset their stomach, and you do not want that.

Cabbages also contain soluble fiber, which promotes the growth of gut microflora. Gut microflora growth in peafowls supports immunity and the production of some probiotics and vitamins.

Going by the anti-inflammatory potentials of cabbages, feeding them to your peacocks during illness might promote rapid recovery.