Can Guinea Fowl Eat Bread?

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Can they eat bread? It is safe for guinea fowl to eat bread, vegetables, rice, and really anything else off of your table that you don’t eat.

Feeding your guinea fowl bread can be a nice treat for the birds. Even if the bread is hard, they’ll peck at it until it’s small enough to eat.

Guiea Fowl can eat bread...

Transitioning to an Adult Diet

You have more freedom in what your guinea fowls can eat as they get older. You can keep buying them poultry feed, but you can also start introducing a lot of leftovers and other feeds that will cost you less money.

Provide Sufficient Fresh Water

Keeping your water clean and fresh is a must for raising guinea fowl. If the water sits for too long, gets bird droppings in it, or isn’t fresh, they won’t drink it.

Raising a Guinea Fowl

Raising guinea fowl isn’t as complicated as you might think. Their diet is relatively simple and these are low maintenance birds that can be a fantastic addition to your property.