Can Emu Eat Bread?

Emus can eat bread and you can feed it to them as treats. If you cannot feed your emus with bread regularly, what types of feed can you give to the birds?

How to Feed Emus with Bread

Feed Emus Bread as a Treat:  Give your emus different types of treats. Bread makes an awesome treat for emus.

As Leftover Food: If you have some leftover bread to spare, you should give it to your emus.

Other Recommended Foods for Emus

Seeds and Grains Seeds such as papaya, pumpkin, orange, peas, and pepper seeds are protein-rich and make great healthy treats for your emus.

Fruits and Vegetables Fruits are full of sugars, vitamins, and minerals for your emus. Your emus can eat apples, papayas, kiwis, and other types of sweet fruits.