Can Ducks and Pheasants Live Together

Ducks and pheasants are beautiful animals that add a lot of flavor to your home or farm. They look amazing and raising them can be very fulfilling.  But can ducks and pheasants live together? Typically, yes, birds can live together relatively well as long as you have the conditions right.

Giving Your Birds Enough Space

One of the biggest things you can do to keep harmony in your flock is to give your birds enough space. Ducks, particularly, can become aggressive if they feel like pheasants or other animals are encroaching on their space.

Ducks & Pheasants Need Different Feed

If you’ve got a flock full of a mix of ducks and pheasants, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can just pour any old bird feed into their pen. Ducks will need duck pellets, and pheasants will need game bird feed.

Where the Birds Sleep?

Pheasants are a lot more like chickens when it comes to roosting preferences. Ducks, however, will typically sleep in the water because that is where they feel the safest.

Avoid Putting Hatchlings Together

Duck hatchlings grow much faster than pheasants, and even well-meaning duck hatchlings can end up hurting baby pheasants. Baby pheasants are very fragile, and will always be smaller than their duck counterparts.

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