Can Chicks and Chickens  Eat Turkey Starter

Chickens and turkeys are very different in many aspects. Similarly, the diet requirements of both birds are also very different.

Can Chickens Eat Turkey Starter?

Turkey feed can be given to them but is not highly recommended. Chickens’ diet must contain feed, vegetables, and fruits that are best for them.

Can Baby Chicks Eat Turkey Starter?

Keeping it simple and straight, baby chicks should not be given a turkey starter.

Differences Between Turkey Starter and Chicken Starter

Just like the chicken starter, the turkey starter is also a very nutritious formulation specially made for baby turkeys. It consists of around 28% of protein along with wheat, barley, soybean, canola, limestone, methionine, etc.

Chicken Starter

A chicken starter diet is the most nutritious diet specially modified for the best growth of baby chicks. Baby chicks can feed on this diet easily until six weeks of age.