Can Chickens Get Fleas?

Are you worried about your chickens being attacked by fleas? Chickens that are exposed to fleas can become infested. Fleas can cause many symptoms in your chickens and can even lead to death.

There are three major types of fleas that attack chickens: - Sticktight flea - Western chicken flea - European chicken flea

Symptoms of Fleas on Chickens Fleas are visible, so the best way to tell whether a chicken has fleas or not is to see the fleas. There are other few symptoms to watch out for.

How to Treat Chickens That Are Attacked By Fleas The best way to treat the symptoms that you observe in your chickens is to remove the fleas with tweezers. If you do not want to use tweezers, you can use a product that can be applied (or sprayed) on the skin of chickens.

Fleas can be found worldwide and they can attack your chickens. You should do what you can to prevent fleas from reaching your chickens and if they do, treat the infestation quickly.