Can Chickens Eat Walnuts?

From pine nuts to pecans, hickory, hazelnuts, and cashews, chickens consume various nuts without experiencing any health issues. But what about walnuts?

Chickens can safely eat walnuts. However, walnuts to be eaten by chickens must be unseasoned, unsalted, and fresh. Besides that, walnut must be broken into smaller bits for easier swallowing.

The Walnuts Are Fresh

While walnuts are edible to chickens, make sure you only give your chickens fresh nuts. Giving your chickens stale walnuts could cause possible toxicity.

The Walnuts Are Free of Salt and Seasoning

Besides keeping salt out of your chickens’ walnuts, do not add any other seasoning. Seasonings may upset your chickens’ stomach and trigger diarrhea.

The Walnuts Should Be Crumbled Before Serving

As with any nut you give to your chickens, ensure your crumble walnuts. Doing this will aid digestion and reduce the chances of choking.

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