Can Chickens Eat Slugs and Snails?

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Raising chickens can be both exciting and challenging, as you get to see them eating weird stuff from the yard or garden.

Chickens can eat slugs and snails, and these little pests serve as a free and natural food for birds.

Slugs have a lot of protein, while snails have even more protein with the addition of excess calcium in their shells.

Slugs and Snails  Are Very Nutritious

You can raise chickens and sometimes give them access to your garden so that they can search for and eat the snails and slugs that attack your plant leaves.

Chickens Are Skilled at Controlling Pests

If you are a supporter of natural foods for chickens, you will surely smile when you see the chickens eating whatever they can find in a yard, including snails and slugs.

You Get a Free and Natural Diet for Your Chickens

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