Can Chickens Eat Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is very safe for chickens to eat. Chickens will eat the rind, the seeds, and the flesh of the cantaloupe. Cantaloupe can be fed whole but eating is easier when you cut the cantaloupe into small chunks for your chickens.

Beta Carotene

Vitamin A

Vitamin C


Cantaloupe Nutrition Facts

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The Cantaloupe Flesh

The Seeds

The Rind

Parts of Cantaloupes That Can Be Eaten by Chickens

There are a few ways to feed cantaloupes to your chickens. One way is to divide the whole cantaloupe into halves, quarters, or eighths. A second option is to dry the seeds or the rind and feed it to the chickens. You may also grind the dried seeds and mix them with other treats like yogurt.

When given in the right quantity, cantaloupes are generally safe for your chickens. But when they become rotten or stale, feeding cantaloupes to your chickens can cause problems.