Feeding Your Chickens Bread - Nutrition, Concerns & Recipes

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Bread is a Favorite Treat of Many Chickens

Most chickens absolutely love bread. They will eat white bread or wheat bread, stale bread or fresh bread.

Mycotoxins in Moldy Chicken Food

As a general rule, don’t feed spoiled or moldy bread. While many chicken owners report that they regularly do so without adverse effects, the risk certainly isn't worth it.

Decreased Egg Production

The researcher believes that the likely cause of the decreased egg production is a decrease in the ability of the chicken to utilize protein due to the degeneration of liver tissue.

Incorporating Bread into Chicken Treats

Since bread is OK as a treat for adult chickens, it helps to think outside the box for ways that you can mix things up for your hens.

Warm Bread Mash

On really cold mornings, try making your chickens a warm bread mash. To do this, add bread into your normal feed and mix it with hot water.