Can an Emu and an Ostrich Mate?

Can an Emu and Ostrich Mate?

Both male emus and male ostriches have lymphatic penises – an uncommon feature in birds. So, it reasons that they might be able to copulate with females of each other’s species.

Are They Related?

Emus and ostriches are related because they belong to a diverse group of birds called ratites. Ratites are birds that have flat breastbones.

Similarities Between Emus and Ostriches

Both emus and ostriches have long, featherless necks. Both birds have wide eyes, and their eyes are bigger than their brains.

Differences Between Emus and Ostriches

 Both emus and ostriches are polygamous. However, female emus and male ostriches are the actual polygamists.

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While male emus and male ostriches have similar sex organs, it is unlikely that either animal would mate with the female of the other.