Can a Pheasant and a Chicken Breed?

Pheasants are lovely birds and many people who raise pheasants raise them with Chickens. Some people say that pheasants and Chickens can breed.

It is possible for Pheasants to mate with Chickens and produce offspring. You, however, have to think twice before allowing your Pheasants and Chickens to breed.

Crossing  Pheasants and Chickens

The Development, Hatchability, and Growth Rate of the Offspring is Very Low So Far, the Pheasant-Chicken Hybrid has No Advantage over Their Parents

Why You Should Not Cross Pheasants and Chickens

For Their Eggs - Even though most of the eggs will not develop, they are still eggs. The eggs which a mother chicken or pheasant will hatch and brood will look just like other eggs from their mother.

Why You Should Cross Chickens and Pheasants

Pheasant-Chicken hybrids look nothing like either of their parents. The hybrids look like a combination of both parents. The hybrids look like a new species of bird.

What Does A Pheasant-Chicken Hybrid Look Like?

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