Bourbon Red Turkey Breed Profile

The Bourbon Red turkey is one breed that commonly comes up when people talk about heritage turkey breeds in the United States.

If you’ve heard of the desirable qualities of Bourbon Red turkeys and would like to know more about them, you are where you should be. Below, we compiled a Bourbon Red turkey breed profile just for you.

Egg Laying

While Bourbon Reds are primarily a meat breed, they excel at egg-laying. In fact, if you want a turkey breed that will give a decent return on eggs, you should consider Bourbon Reds.


Bourbon Reds can give up to 14 to 23 pounds of meat when slaughtered. Of course, this yield could be higher, depending on the sex and age of the turkey.

Behavior and Temperament

Bourbon Red turkeys are generally docile, friendly, and sweet. They have affectionate and outgoing personalities, so they relate well to humans.