11 Black Duck Breeds

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American Black Duck

The American Black duck has a blackish-brown body with a greenish-yellow bill and iridescent purple patches on its upper wings. The female has slightly paler and duller colors than the males.

African Black Duck

The African Black duck comes in black or dark brown colors with a pale and black bill, orange legs, and white markings on its back.

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Black Scoter Duck

Black scoters have black plumage with a bright yellowish-orange knob on the bill. Female black scoters are slightly different with a brown body, pale cheeks, and a dark cap.

East Indie ducks can be recognized by their striking iridescent blackish-green plumage, a black bill and black legs, and a female with dull or pale gray plumage.

East Indie Duck

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Pacific Black Ducks This duck can be recognized by its black or dark brown plumage and distinctive dusty brown head with cream face and dark stripes.

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