Black Australorp Breed Profile

When the Australorp was first bred, it came in the color black. However, since then, there have been other color varieties.


The name Australorp is formed from a contraction of words Australian and Orpington; this basically summarizes the history of the Black Australorp breed.


Black Australorps have black feathers, which give off a beetle-green sheen under sunlight, revealing their iridescence.


Black Australorps are very friendly chickens.  Black Australorp chickens love foraging; they go after insects and morsels they find as they range. 


Black Australorps have no major health issue. They are healthy, and on average, they should live 6-10 years.


Australorp chickens are very good at breeding. But if you keep an optimal ratio of roosters to hens, you are more likely to get eggs that produce chicks.