Black-and-White Chicken Breeds

If you are thinking of starting your own poultry, and you are looking to get chickens with black and white feathers, you have many options to choose from.

Here are the list of Black and White Chicken Breeds

Barred Plymouth Rock

Barred Rocks have full, loose feathers with distinct and well-defined black and white strips. Their skin and legs are yellow, and they have single combs with five points.

Black Laced Silver Wyandotte

Wyandotte is a dual-purpose breed. They are broody and lay medium-sized brown eggs with an average of 180-260 eggs annually.

Dominique Chicken

Dominique Chickens do well in conditions that allow them to forage. They are generally calm and independent. Domineckers do well in poor weather conditions, and their combs are resistant to frostbite.

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