11 Best Vegetables for Ducks and Ducklings

Ducks need a lot of minerals and amino acids to stay healthy. Raising animals can be expensive. One thing about ducks is that they’re not picky eaters.

One of the most important things about raising ducks is that they need a lot of amino acids to produce natural proteins vital to healthy feather down and oils they use to waterproof themselves.  As a result, veggies should be used as a nice after-meal treat for your ducks.

Just like cabbage, ducks will eagerly take to eating lettuce, spinach, and other leafy greens.


Ducks love broccoli. You can feed it to them either cooked or raw.


We know, kale is yet another leafy green, but it deserves special attention because kale offers a lot of healthy minerals that are great for ducks.


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