19  Best Farm Dogs for Chickens


Finding the right type of dog is key to keeping a good relationship between them and your chickens.  With most dogs, it’s easy enough to keep them in check when you’re around.

Here are the 19 Best Farm Dogs

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Border Collie

Border Collie dogs are terrific farm dogs that instinctively protect animals on the farm. They’ll herd goats, sheep, chickens, and other animals.

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Corgis are another dog breed that, despite their smaller stature, have strong herding instincts. They will love moving your chickens around, and typically they do not pose any danger to your birds.

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English Sheepdog

These large, fluffy dogs have gentle natures that make them ideal for being around chickens. They are also alert animals and will be attentive around your birds, warning you of any concerns or if a predator is in the area.

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