15 Beautiful Wyandotte Chicken Colors

Basic Breed Characteristics of Wyandottes

Wyandotte chickens have rose combs, and this confers some resistance to cold on them.

Wyandottes of Different Colors

You can cross Wyandottes of different colors. The color variation between Wyandotte varieties does not affect interbreeding. But it may affect the eligibility of the chicken for poultry shows

Tilted Brush Stroke

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

The Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte chickens are beautiful. They come with red or buff plumage laced with blue at the edges.

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Buff Chicken

Buff Wyandottes have entirely ginger-orange plumage – both the roosters and the hens. The chicks have a similar color, but they may be slightly lighter or yellowish.

Adult Golden-Laced Wyandotte chickens have predominantly gold-colored plumage. The edges of their feathers are lined with black, and their tails are black.

Golden-Laced Wynadotte