Are Pheasants Chickens?

If you’ve got a large yard, it can be perfect for raising chickens that will give you plenty of eggs and come running when you show up with a treat just like a four-legged pet.

Pheasants aren’t chickens. Some people mistake pheasants for wild chickens, but they’re a completely different kind of bird.

Pheasants tend to be much more aggressive than baby chickens. They’ll pick at each other and, in some instances, can turn to cannibalism

Pheasants can be aggressive

Another difference is that pheasants, because they are game birds, need to eat only game bird feed. Of course, this is particularly important when they are babies.

They need Game Bird Feed

Pheasants are not domestic animals. Even farm-raised pheasants will have a lot of wild in them. They’ll always be looking to escape, and they won’t warm up to you even if you spend hours and hours feeding and caring for them.

They love to escape