17 Animals That Eat Chicken Eggs

Opossums (Possum)

This marsupial is pretty sneaky when it comes to finding food, so they're no stranger to stealing an egg here and there.


Raccoons are clever creatures that have been known to climb trees and knock off eggs from their nests

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Despite its effect on humans, skunks do not seem to mind the scent all that much.

Snakes Mostly, a snake doesn’t go looking for chicken eggs, but whenever they find them when hunting for mice, rats, and other rodents, they will devour them.

  These cats are stealthy, which  is why they prefer to hunt at  night but can still attack at  any time of the day. They  mostly go for small rodents  but have been known to make  a meal out of a chicken and  its eggs



Coyotes usually prey on smaller animals, but they certainly know what eggs are and how to get them!

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