11 All White Chicken Breeds You Will Love!


Deciding what breed of chickens to add to your backyard coop should not done spur of the moment or you might not end up with what you were expecting. Many people start with something easy, like deciding what color of chickens they want, just to help narrow down the field. If you want to add some solid white chickens to your farm, you are in luck! There are several hardy chicken breeds that include solid white chickens among their ranks. Among them, the different breeds of white chickens offer different qualities that you may or may not want on your farm.

White Ameraucana

White Ameraucana chickens are just one of many different color varieties that exist in the Ameraucana breed. The breed itself was designed by breeders using Easter Egger chickens.

White Plymouth Rock (White Rock)

The White Plymouth Rock chicken is a great addition to any backyard farm because it is not only a hardy chicken, it is also very friendly.They are solid white with yellow legs.

California White Chicken

The California White chicken breed was designed by combining a White Leghorn chicken and a California Grey chicken, producing this almost solid white chicken that has tiny black specks of color in its feathers.

White Leghorn

White Leghorn chickens are extremely popular backyard chickens for a number of reasons. They have gorgeous solid white plumage with yellow skin and yellow legs.

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