8 Reasons Chickens Fight and What You Can Do About It

There are many benefits to raising your own chickens, but along with the fresh eggs and free garden fertilizer there are plenty of challenges too.  For instance, on occasion, you’re going to find yourself playing referee to your chickens.

Here are 8 reasons why chickens fight

1. The hens are too crowded 2. There’s a rooster problem 3. They need more food and/or water 4. They smell blood 5. There’s a new chick(en) 6. Someone needs a bath 7.  There’s a predator nearby 8. The hens are bored

1. The Hens are Crowded

The most extreme example of overcrowded hens is in the case of factory farming.  In this situation, they will peck at each other and fight to get some personal space.

2. There’s a Rooster Problem

If space is more than adequate, assess the possibility of a rooster problem.  Hens on their own in optimal conditions are not likely to fight outright, but introducing roosters to the mix is going to cause a stir.

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