11 Breathtaking All Black Chicken Breeds


Solid black chickens are sometimes difficult to find because they are not very popular, but they are often members of resilient breeds that bring more than just eggs to the table.  The more you know about these intriguing breeds, the easier it will be to decide which one or ones will suit your farm best.

Top 10 Black Chicken Breeds

Black Jersey Giants

Originating in New Jersey back in the 1800’s, the Black Jersey Giant is a large chicken that is covered in solid black feathers that have a slight green sheen.

Black Sumatra

Black Sumatra chickens are relatively small birds, weighing only 4-5 pounds, even when fully grown. Their frames are too small for meat production, but they are fairly decent egg layers and often they will set their own eggs.

French Black Marans

French Black Marans are great egg layers, producing an impressive 200 or more eggs each year. They lay large dark brown eggs and they tend to be rather broody, often setting their eggs throughout the year.

Black Java Chicken

Known as the second oldest American chicken breed, the Java chicken is responsible for helping create both the Plymouth Rock chicken breed and the Jersey Giant.

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