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51+ Awesome Star Wars Chicken Names

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When it comes to movies, I think star wars is the cream of the crop. I love them all. I especially love that even in the beginning, George Lucas portrayed strong female characters. As a mom, and a woman, that is awesome.

collage of chicken with jet in the space at the background

I also love chickens. So how can I incorporate my love for Star Wars with my love for chickens? By giving my chickens star wars names of course!

Top 10 Star Wars Inspired Chicken Names

  • Princess Laya
  • Kylo Hen
  • Little Rey
  • Maullie
  • Rebel
  • Snokems
  • Carbon
  • Hen Solo
  • Skywalker
  • Lay 2 (SO)

23 Star Wars Inspired Chicken Names for Your Hens

When it comes to your chickens, hens, in particular, Star Wars isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. The truth is, you can build your own Rebel Alliance or Galactic Menagerie with a little planning.

To get that project started, consider choosing some of these names for your hens.

  • Amidala – Queen of the Naboo and one of my favorite characters. I thought her to be an incredible speaker, especially for the character being only 14 years old in the Phantom Menace!
  • Carbon – for those black hens that look like they could blend in with the Carbon freezing chamber!
  • Cassie – Let’s face it. You are more likely to need good Star Wars inspired names for hens than roosters. This name plays homage to Cassian, the Captain that helped Jyn in Rogue One.
  • Chewy – I know Chewy is a boy but still, this would be a great name for a cute little brown fluff ball of a hen.
  • Ewok – If you have a brown silkie, this name is practically a given. It would work great for a frizzle too!
  • Hen Solo – It’s like Ben, but not. In the end Ben Solo redeemed himself. Your chicken though, she’s not Ben Solo, she’s Hen Solo!
  • Jabba – Another “male” character in the film but a great name for a female chicken none the less. Do you have a hen that is always stealing treats from the other girls? Name her after one of the galaxy’s most formidable crime bosses!
  • Jawa – Is your hen always looking for food? Name her after the famous Tatooine scavengers!
  • Jedi – Students of the force can be girls or boys making this a perfect name for your hen!
  • Jyn – You could name your chicken after Jyn Erso from the movie Rogue One. She successfully stole the plans to the death star just as your own hen no doubt has successfully stolen your heart!
  • Kylo Hen – Like Kylo Ren… c’mon you get it! My friends get a kick out of this one and she’s the only chicken they ask about! This name is especially good for any of the predominately black chicken breeds.
  • Lay 2 (SO) – Am I the only one that loved K2S0? She is an awesome droid. I’ve tried to make this “punny” by mixing it up to suit a chicken more but “Kay 2” would work just as well!
  • Leia – after the famous Princess. Do you have a hen that leads the pack? One that is always bossing around the others? If it may be fitting to name her after the Princess of Alderaan and leader of the Rebel Alliance.
  • Maz – After the “pirate Queen” Maz Kanata.
  • Maullie – Who can forget Darth Maul? Not me! Change the spelling a bit and you have a great Star Wars’ish name for your hen.
  • Naboo – While this may have been a planet in the movies, it’s also a great name for your favorite hen!
  • Padme – After Queen Padme Amidala of the Naboo.
  • Phasma – If you have a girl that is all business all the time, maybe naming her after Captain Phasma is the right answer!
  • Princess Laya – OK so we know her name was Princess Leia, but Princess Laya is a much better name for a chicken.
  • Rebel – This name is doubly awesome because you can name your chicken after the rebel alliance in Star Wars, or Rebel Wilson the awesome actress. Your choice!
  • Rey – Jakku orphan turned Jedi in training, most chicks from the hatchery only know you as their adoptive mom or dad so this is a perfectly fitting name for your orphan! One of my daughter’s favorite hens is named “Little Rey”.
  • Skywalker – Is your hen independent? Does she seem to just float around the yard? Maybe she’s a Skywalker!
  • Snokems – It’s kinda like Snookums but with a tribute to the evil Supreme Leader Snoke.

16 Star Wars Chicken Names for Roosters

  • Alderaan – After Princess Leia’s home planet.
  • Boba Fett – after the Bounty Hunter.
  • Cassian – After Captain Cassian who helped Jyn in Rogue One.
  • Dooku – A former Jedi turned Sith Lord.
  • Greedo – Who shot first?
  • Hoth – Like the icy planet home to a Rebel Alliance Base.
  • Jar Jar – Because love him or hate him, everyone knows the name!
  • Kylo – After Kylo Ren.
  • Palpatine – after the Dark Lord of the Sith.
  • Qui-Gon – After the Jedi Master.
  • Saber – For your rooster that has long spurs that resemble mini lightsabers.
  • Snoke – After Supreme Leader Snoke
  • Tarkin – If your rooster leads your flock, you could name him after Grand Moff Tarkin, leader of the Empire.
  • Wampa – A particularly good name for a white rooster that resembles the large white creatures from the planet Hoth.
  • Windu – After Mace Windu, a member of the Jedi High Council.
  • Yavin – after the orange planet whose moon, Yavin 4, was home to a Rebel Alliance base.

Star Wars Inspired Chicken Names for Pairs

If you have a pair (or even trio) of chickens and want to give them a Star Wars inspired name, sometimes you can just find the name you like and then think of a name that rhymes with it. Here are some examples:

  • Boggle and Poggle
  • C’Offee and T’Offee (after Barriss Offee)
  • Mace and Windu
  • Serious and Sidious
  • Tango and Jango

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