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Can Geese Eat Rice?

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Bird lovers enjoy watching geese both in water and on the land. For others, however, geese are a source of meat. Geese are versatile and beautiful birds, often with personalities to match.

Is rice healthy for geese?

Rice is considered to be a healthy food for geese. It provides a ready source of carbohydrates for energy.

It contains a good quantity of fiber and protein, along with vitamins and antioxidants. Feeding rice in limited quantities is preferred to maintain the bird’s health.

Geese in the grass

Will eating rice harm geese?

No. Geese can eat either cooked or uncooked rice; in fact, some prefer one over the other. Some of the larger geese breeds prefer uncooked rice grains, while smaller geese may prefer cooked leftovers.

The important thing to remember is to not give your geese friends seasoned or fried rice and to feed it in moderation.

Can geese eat cooked rice?

Yes, many geese prefer to consume cooked rice over raw grains, though cooked rice does not provide as much nutritional value.

Rice, in either form, is best used as a supplement or treat outside of a goose’s natural or daily diet.

Is uncooked rice good for geese?

Uncooked rice can be offered safely to geese in small amounts.

Uncooked rice contains more of the vitamins and minerals in their unaltered states than cooked rice. The cooking process can break down or modify many nutritional elements in food, so the raw states, in general, can be more beneficial.

Is white rice good for geese?

The digestive system of geese is well suited to eat and digest white rice without any side effects or health challenges.

While white rice is safe to give to geese, it does not contain as many nutrients as brown rice or other grains, so it is not the healthier choice.

White rice in bowl

Is it good to serve brown rice to geese?

Yes, brown rice can be served to geese without any hesitation in limited quantities. Brown rice has greater energy and protein when compared to white rice.

Can geese have processed rice foods?

Geese should not be given processed rice in any form. Processed foods often include preservatives, colors, spices, and oils that geese cannot process or digest. Salt and sugar are also harmful to geese and should be avoided if at all possible.

We know you want to treat your geese, so opt for greens and grains and they will thank you!

Rice krispies

Rice Krispies are a high calorie, processed food that contains salt, sugar, and other preservatives. Hence, they should not be fed to geese to prevent health issues.

As mentioned above, such foods should be avoided in favor of healthier treats.

Can geese consume rice cakes?

If the cake is made exclusively with rice then it may be given to geese. Otherwise, any rice cake having ingredients such as sugar and fructose are not to be feed to a goose.

Check the label of your rice cakes before you offer them to geese.

How to feed geese?

Kids love to feed animals and often try to get as close to them as possible. It is best to keep back from geese when you feed them, as they can pinch with their bills if they get excited and grab for the food.

The best method is to scatter food on the water surface or in small piles on the ground. This way it is easier for the bird to pick at and eat as well. Be careful to feed only small quantities of healthy treats and greens.

Woman feed the goose

Is it legal to feed a wild goose?

Feeding wildlife is generally discouraged. Feeding wild geese encourages them to remain in places where their presence could pose health and safety risks. Some locations may have laws against feeding wild geese for just these reasons.

Always check your surroundings for postings about feeding wildlife and any penalties that may follow. In general, avoid feeding wild geese for their health and ours.

What foods cannot be fed to a goose?

Waterfowl should never be fed with either spoiled or moldy food.

Any food containing sugar, starch, fatty acids, junk, and fast food, in addition to milk-related products can create severe digestive and health problems for geese.

How to feed rice to geese

You can offer rice to geese by spreading it on the ground in thin lines or in small piles. If the rice is cooked, you could put it in shallow bowls or pans and place them on the ground where the geese can reach them and dine as they wish.

Always make sure to have fresh water available for your geese.

When to feed rice to goose?

Observe the mood and aggression level of the bird. Feed only if it is calm and relaxed. If their intake is either slow or they are reluctant to eat, perhaps save your rice treat for another time.

A man feeds a duck from his hands

How much quantity of rice can be given?

An adult goose can eat from 1 cup to a half-pound food, out of which 10% can be rice. The rest of the portion should be balanced to include greens, grains, and protein sources, that provide the calcium, vitamins, and minerals geese need to grow and thrive.

How to feed a sitting goose?

Actively laying geese need extra calcium and extra food. Special care has to be taken to feed without overfeeding them, as extra weight may crush the eggs as the female sits on them.

Nutrition value from Rice per 100 gram serving:

Carbohydrate28.7 grams (g)
Protein2.36 g
Fat0.19 g

Comparison between white and brown rice:

Nutrient proximateBrown riceWhite rice
energy82 calories68 calories
protein1.83 g1.42 g
total lipid (fat)0.65 g0.15 g
carbohydrates17.05 g14.84 g
fiber, total dietary1.1 g0.2 g
sugars, total0.16 g0.03 g
calcium2 milligrams (mg)5 mg
iron0.37 mg0.63 mg
sodium3 mg1 mg
fatty acids, total saturated0.17 g0.04 g
fatty acids, total trans0 g0 g
cholesterol0 mg0 mg

What vitamins and minerals does rice contain?

Rice contains these vitamins and minerals in abundance:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorus

What precautions should be taken when feeding rice to geese?

  • Feed rice in piles or on shallow dishes
  • Do not feed rice on regular basis
  • Avoid feeding in public places and traffic areas
Feeding flock of geese

Points to remember

  • Rice, whether cooked or uncooked, can be served to geese
  • Brown rice is preferred to white rice due to higher nutritional values
  • Quantity of rice fed should be 10% of the meal, along with 90% of a balanced diet
  • Refrain from feeding wild geese
  • Avoid feeding geese directly from your hand


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