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Can Ducks Eat Tomatoes?

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When taking care of ducks, it is essential to be knowledgeable about what foods are safe and harmful for them to eat. Feeding them with foods that are not beneficial to their growth and development may bring negative results, and may even compromise their egg-laying capacity. In worst cases, it may also lead to their death.

If you have spare tomatoes, or if you have a garden that grows tomatoes, you may be wondering – can ducks eat tomatoes?

Ducks can eat tomatoes, but you should avoid feeding them the tomato plant, including the leaves, vines, and those green or unripe tomatoes. It could be tricky to feed them tomatoes, so you should keep in mind what parts and varieties of this fruit are safe for them to eat.

Cute three ducks

Do ducks like eating tomatoes?

Like humans, ducks also have their individual preference when it comes to food. Some ducks would enjoy munching on tomatoes, while others would not even bother touching them.

If you hear happy quacks while your ducks are eating this fruit, then it’s great. However, if they seem to ignore it, don’t fret. You can always give them other fruits until you find out which one they like the best.

Can ducklings eat tomatoes?

Baby ducks, or ducklings, can eat tomatoes.

The cherry and grape tomato varieties are good for them. Before feeding them tomatoes, make sure to wash them to remove any dirt. Then, mash it well for them to easily digest it.

Can ducks eat tomato leaves and stems?

Ducks should not eat the green parts of tomatoes, including the leaves, stems, and vines. These parts of tomatoes contain solanine, which is a toxin that is harmful to ducks.

If ingested in small amounts, solanine can cause ducks to have some health issues. Meanwhile, if eaten in large amounts, it can be highly dangerous and fatal to them, so if you think that your duck has eaten these parts of tomatoes, call your veterinarian right away.

When preparing tomatoes for ducks, make sure to remove the stems and leaves of the tomatoes.

How many tomatoes can ducks eat?

Red tomatoes

Like other fruits, tomatoes have a high content of sugar. Therefore, tomatoes should be given to ducks in moderate amounts and should not be part of their staple diet.

For ducklings, a small piece of tomato would be enough. Before giving them this fruit, make sure to mash it first for them to easily digest it.

For adult ducks, a half slice of tomato is the recommended amount.

How often should ducks eat tomatoes?

Aside from giving them tomatoes in moderate amounts, you should also consider the frequency of feeding them this healthy treat.

Feeding them tomatoes a few times per week is recommended to have a balanced diet. If you’re feeding them during the summer months, giving them tomatoes every two days is also ideal to keep them hydrated.

Avoid giving too many tomatoes as they may cause indigestion and diarrhea because of the large amount of water present in tomatoes.

Can ducks eat cherry tomatoes?

Ducks can eat cherry tomatoes. Like regular tomatoes, it should be served as an occasional snack.

Cherry tomatoes are much smaller in size compared to regular tomatoes. This type of tomato is mostly used in salads and pizzas.

Before feeding them cherry tomatoes, make sure that is washed thoroughly and chopped into smaller pieces for easier digestion.

Can ducks eat grape tomatoes?

Grape tomatoes have similar taste and nutritional value to cherry tomatoes, and therefore are safe for ducks to eat.

Grape tomatoes are very similar to cherry tomatoes. The only difference is their shape. Grape tomatoes are oblong, while cherry tomatoes are spherical.

Can ducks eat tomato seeds?

Ducks can safely eat tomato seeds. They do not contain toxic compounds, unlike other fruits, and therefore can be safely eaten by ducks.

They’re also too small to be considered as a choking hazard for ducks.

Can ducks eat green or unripe tomatoes?

Ducks should not eat green or unripe tomatoes, as well as other members of the nightshade family, including eggplants and potatoes.

Like the leaves, stems, vines, and stalks of tomatoes, tomatoes that are not fully ripe also contain solanine which can be lethal to ducks if eaten in large amounts.

Final Thoughts

Female duck eating old tomatoes

Most ducks will happily eat every bit of the tomato fruit. However, the leaves, stems, stalks, as well as the unripe tomatoes should not be given to them.

If you have a tomato garden, make sure that ducks do not wander around the area as they may try eating these harmful parts of tomatoes.

Tomatoes contain folic acid, fiber, beta-carotene, and vitamins that are essential for the duck’s health. If given in moderate amounts, this juicy treat can bring benefits to their body.


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