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7 Best Egg-Laying Chickens for Florida

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People who want to raise chickens should research which breeds of chickens are best suited for the local climate. If you buy chickens based on how they look or how many eggs they lay, you may be surprised when they struggle in hot or cold conditions.

Some birds are bred to do better in the heat and humidity than others. For homesteaders, small farmers, and suburban, aspiring chicken parents in Florida, you need birds that can withstand the heat.

Buying the wrong birds can lead to sickness, fewer eggs, and more troubles. However, if you choose the right chickens, you’ll have more success harvesting eggs daily for breakfast or to give to friendly neighbors.

Thankfully, several robust chicken breeds hold up to the heat in Florida and other parts of the country where it gets really hot in the summer. They also can deal with muggy temperatures associated with living near the coast.

Here are some of the best egg-laying chickens for Florida for your backyard or growing chicken farm.

1. Orpington Chickens

4 months old buff Orpington chickens pullets squatting by a red bowl of chick grower feed in the backyard

Orpington chickens are some of the most popular birds for hot climates. They’re a wonderful all-around bird that lays many eggs yearly.

These chickens are friendly and are the perfect backyard chicken for families with children. Your kids can easily pick them up or run out to the coop in the morning to check for fresh eggs.

Orpingtons are large birds that lay big eggs. You can expect them to produce around 200 eggs each year, and they will stay active on your grass in the middle of the summer or cooler Florida winters.

2. Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens

Barred Plymouth Rock rooster walking in grassy field

Barred Plymouth Rock chickens are some of the most famous chickens in Florida and other parts of the country because they’re dependable egg layers that make the perfect pet or farm animal.

They love getting human attention, so they’re suitable for beginners and people who want stronger bonds with their animals. This is another bird that will give you around 200 eggs every year.

When they’re not laying eggs, they’ll spend hours walking around your yard, grazing in the grass, and looking for insects to eat.

One of the nicest things about this chicken breed is that they’re almost everywhere. While they might not be the fanciest type of chickens or the most stunning, you can buy this breed and not worry about how they’ll do in hotter climates.

3. New Hampshire Red Chickens

Portrait of a new hampshire chicken

Many people in Florida have successfully raised New Hampshire Red chickens because of their well-known heat tolerance. These are chickens that can survive hot and humid summers with no issues.

Just as the other chickens already named on this list, New Hampshire Reds will give you over 200 eggs per year, on average, and they thrive in small areas and on large grazing areas. You can feel confident raising them in a small yard or letting them walk freely on a larger plot of land.

4. Easter Egger Chickens

Ameraucana chicken also known as the easter egger chicken in North America

Easter Eggers earned their name by laying colorful eggs in pink, green, and blue. Kids love running out to the coop to gather eggs to see what color the chickens will lay this time.

Overall, it’s a popular suburban chicken because it’s more fun seeing the colorful eggs. However, they’re also very good in hotter climates like that of Florida.

If you’re looking for a chicken that lays a lot of eggs, this is a great choice! Easter Eggers produce around 280 eggs per year, so you can pretty much count on one egg per day.

They’ll keep laying through the hotter summer months as long as they have reliable access to shade and a clean water supply.

5. White Leghorn Chickens

Free range white leghorn chickens in the farm

Chicken farmers in the U.S., whether they’re in Florida or Oregon, love White Leghorn chickens. These are prized commercial chickens for meat and eggs and can survive brutal weather and other challenging conditions.

You can spot White Leghorns by their bright white feathers and dark red crowns. A benefit of raising White Leghorns is that they usually begin to lay eggs earlier than other chicken breeds. They also keep laying eggs when things get hot and humid in the summer.

Overall, these intelligent birds will do well as family pets or for people interested in starting an egg farm.

6. Welsummer Chickens

Welsummer chickens in the garden

Welsummer chickens are another great option for Florida egg-laying chickens. Part of their name is summer, so it’s no surprise that these birds can stand the heat when things get hot.

While they don’t make as many eggs as some other birds on this list, you can reliably count on them to give you around 200 eggs annually. They’re also easy to raise, so you won’t be dealing with as many chicken-related headaches at home or on the farm.

Welsummer chickens typically lay dark brown chicken eggs, which is terrific for people looking for something different. Many of their eggs are also speckled, giving you a lovely farm feel when you harvest them from the coop.

7. Brahma Chickens

Large black and white color Brahma chicken grazing on the background of green grass

Brahmas are among the most popular chickens in the U.S. You can find them anywhere, including Florida.

This larger breed takes up more space, but they do very well in hot or cold climates. This is another fantastic family-friendly option for people with kids. Your children can play with the Brahma chickens, and the animals will form close bonds with people who spend enough time with them.

Like many other chickens, Brahmas will need shade to stay cool when things get especially hot. Make sure to have some form of covering near their coop where they can relax when the sun is highest.


This list gives you a great place to start if you live in Florida and want chickens that will survive in the heat. Choosing the right chicken breed will help you avoid sick birds and expensive trips to the vet.

These birds will lay plenty of eggs for personal use or sell as a nice little side hustle. Once you get the hang of raising birds, you can start to grow your flock, and soon you’ll have so many eggs you won’t know what to do with them.


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